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I am Sara (Saraswathi Sundaresan) I cannot even imagine where I would be today without Ms. Cynthia T Morgan who has given me a heart full of joy, picked me up when I needed it, supported me when I felt I couldn’t stand, and gave me a fresh perspective to face another life.It is not enough to say just a word ‘Thank you’ for all those things she had done for me since from 2012 to till now. Helping me to get through each time safely and making sure I and my kids were protected and all of other countless help.My experience with Ms. Cynthia T Morgan was positive from the first moment I consulted with her was attentive, thorough, and helpful throughout a very difficult time. My paralegal was with me every step of the way with insight and compassion, always responding quickly and effectively to any questions or issues as they arose. I highly recommend Ms. Cynthia T Morgan Attorney for family law. Her smiling face, sincerity, hard work and her service are amazing! She is the best female Attorney in Champaign, IL.My sincere thanks to God and Ms. Stephanie Thurman Advocate who was introduced her. I will be grateful to Ms. Cynthia T Morgan throughout my life.